November 2016

‘Frailty’ by Betsy Reavley

How far would you go to protect your family?
Danny and Libby are about to face every parent’s worst nightmare. 

When eight-year-old Hope Bird disappears without a trace, from the idyllic village where she lives, life for her family will never be the same again. Her parents know she would never have gone off alone and the police have no idea where she is. Then a child’s shoe is discovered and the case takes an unexpected turn. Soon a suspect is identified but this is only the beginning.

Will they ever find Hope? 

Frailty is a haunting, gritty, psychological page-turner about the choices we make.  

I have to be honest and say that this is the first book I have read by Betsy Reavley.  I have heard lots of good things about books by this author from lots of highly respected bloggers and I know I am late to the party so to speak.  I had high expectations of this book and I was not disappointed.

The synopsis of this book was very intriguing and it really did appeal to me.  I don’t really want to say too much about the storyline as I don’t want to spoil it for anybody.  A child goes missing and nobody has seen anything.  As time goes by the trail goes cold and people’s (the media and the police) attention is diverted elsewhere.  There is a surprising twist that I so did not see coming and this twist influences the direction that the storyline takes.

This book is really well written.  Betsy knows just what to write to draw the reader in and indeed this is what happened to me.  I really was hooked from the very first word on the very first page and wasn’t released from the book’s grip until the full stop on the last page.  I read this in just over 24 hours which is quick for me and it really is a CPID (can’t put it down) book.  My Kindle came everywhere with me as I was just so engrossed in the story.

I really felt for Danny and Libby.  I am not a parent myself but I still really empathized with them.  I can’t begin to imagine how devastating it must be to have a child disappear and not know what has happened to them.  It’s like living in limbo as you know that somehow you have find a way to move forward, because you have another child but how can you move on if there is still a chance that your eldest child is still alive?  Danny desperately tries to find out what happened to Hope and he feels that he has failed as a father because he couldn’t protect his daughter.  Libby feels the same in that she has failed to protect her daughter and is a failure as a mother.  There is one character that I didn’t take to but that is because I am naturally suspicious and I was proved right in the end.  (I’m not telling you which one so you are just going to have to read the book yourself).

In short I really did enjoy reading this book and would definitely recommend it to others.  I award ‘Frailty’ a solid 5* out of 5*.  I am now off to buy the rest of Betsy’s books as I just know that I will really enjoy them just as much as this one.

(Many thanks to Bloodhound Books for the ARC of this book).


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