‘Torn’ by Anne Randall

The court case had been harrowing. The fifteen jurors sat in silence while the prosecution produced evidence of how a man with obsessive sado-masochistic fantasies had turned into a killer. Fourteen of the jurors were repulsed. One man was secretly enthralled. A new world of possibility had opened up for him.

When an actress is found dead, the ligature marks suggest that she had been involved in extreme sex games. When DIs Wheeler and Ross begin to investigate her death, they uncover not only an industry with varying degrees of regulation but also a sinister private club where some of Glasgow’s elite pay handsomely to indulge their darkest fantasies. Club security is run by Paul Furlan, ex-army veteran and a former adversary of Wheeler. As Wheeler and Ross uncover the secrets and lies surrounding the club, they realise that their investigation is being blocked not just by Furlan but by some of Glasgow’s most influential citizens.

Meanwhile Skye Cooper, Scotland’s latest indie-rock sensation is playing the final gig of his sell-out tour but his dreams of stardom are on a collision course with the obsession threatening to consume him . . .


‘Torn’ is the third book in the best selling series featuring DIs Ross and Wheeler.  The synopsis of this book really did appeal.  I have a bit of a soft spot for Glasgow and I was an avid viewer of ‘Taggart’.  I just knew that this book was going to be for me.  I was soon to be proved right.

I don’t really want to write too much about the plot as I have a habit of giving away too many spoilers- oops.  The synopsis says it all really.  Two cases, which happened ten years apart, are linked but how and why is fully explained in the book.  I have to say that certain themes within this book are definitely ‘adult’ in nature- namely BDSM.  It is not too far from the truth to say that I certainly felt as though I had learnt something by the time I had finished the book.

I love the way that the author writes about lots of different characters but she interlinks them in such a way that you are not left trying to work out who is who and where they fit in the story.  At no point did I feel left behind nor did I have to read a page twice.  When I enjoy a book I tend to visualize the character in my mind and imagine who could play them.  I couldn’t help but think of Gerard Butler as being perfect to play DI Ross and Kari Corbett (who used to play Nurse Marian McKaig in ITV’s ‘The Royal) as DI Wheeler.  DI Ross does not feature as heavily in this book but rest assured he is still there.  Both he and Wheeler work really well together and both seemed totally at ease with each other.  DIs Ross and Wheeler are dedicated police officers, who don’t give up on a case until they get to the truth.  Neither Ross nor Wheeler like coming up against officialdom nor do they like coming up against obstacles.  I have to say that certain characters really did make my skin crawl and I could feel myself get rather angry with them.

I found that this book is really well written.  The author uses such powerful descriptions that I could almost imagine I was right there with them in Glasgow and I was investigating the case with Wheeler & Ross.  (I have never been to Glasgow but an old family friend was Glaswegian so the setting reminded me of her).  I felt as though I was living the case.  The author grabbed my attention right from the very first word on the very first page and the book didn’t release me from its grip until the last word on the last page.  At times it was as though the pages were turning themselves and before I knew it I had finished the book, which I was pleased about and not pleased about.  I wasn’t pleased about the end as I just wanted the book to continue for many more pages as I was so gripped by the story.  As I have stated above, the author has many characters and many different sub plots but they all fit together and feed seamlessly into the main plot.  As I say, at no point was I confused about who was who or what had just happened and I didn’t have to read pages several times, as is sometimes the case with other books.

In short I LOVED, LOVED and ooh LOVED reading ‘Torn’.  There were many things that I loved about this book from the setting to the partnership between DIs Ross and Wheeler to the tightly woven plot and so on and so forth.  My only regret is that the book had to finish as I could have just read on and on.  I would definitely recommend this book to others.  I can’t wait to read more about cases involving DIs Ross and Wheeler.  Here’s hoping that we won’t have too long to wait.  Anne Randall is now one of my favourite authors.  I award this book a very strong 5* out of 5* but I would have awarded it more stars if I could have.

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