‘His Perfect Wife’ by Natasha Bell


She was his perfect wife, until she went missing . . .

Alexandra Southwood has vanished. Her husband, Marc, is beside himself. It isn’t long before the police are searching for a body.

But Alexandra is alive – trapped, far away from her husband and young daughters.

Desperate, Marc will stop at nothing to find the woman he loves. Even if it means discovering that he never really knew her at all.

Because Alexandra is no ordinary missing person – but then neither is she quite a perfect wife . .


My Review

I read the synopsis of this book and it immediately intrigued me.  I knew that this was one book I had to read just as soon as I could.  All I can think on finishing this book is ‘wowzers what a read that was’.  I absolutely, totally and utterly flipping well loved reading ‘His Perfect Wife’ but more about that in a bit.

I wasn’t quite sure what to make of Alexandra Southwood.  She certainly seemed to one person with more than one side to her personality.  One side presents Alexandra as being a perfect wife and mother whereas the other side to her personality presents her as being anything but perfect.  I wasn’t quite sure which side to believe.  I couldn’t believe a word that came out of her mouth.  I guess that she has told that many lies that she can’t remember what she told different individuals.  That said, I understood where she was coming from in one sense.  As soon as she was married and had a family, she as an individual ceased to exist.  From that point onwards she was always thought of as being Marc’s wife or being the Mam of two beautiful little girls but not as Alexandra the individual.  I could understand her sense of frustration and a yearning to get back to the person she used to be.

Oh my giddy aunt, ‘His Perfect Wife’ was certainly one hell of a read, that had me gripped, kept me guessing and kept me on the edge of my seat all the way through the book.  My opinions of the characters changed and my guesses as to what the truth was going to be, chopped and changed all the way through the book.  I found ‘His Perfect Wife’ to be an unputdownable book that was just begging to be binge read.  I often refused to be parted from the book because I feared that I would miss something if I put the book down even for a second.   I would pick the book up only intending to read a couple of chapters but I would still be sat there reading six chapters later.  The more I read, the more I wanted to read and the quicker the pages seemed to be turning.  The pages turned with increasing speed as I hurtled towards the end of the book.  I felt like an addict in need of her next fix.  I seemed to lose track of time whilst I was reading this book and I was so focused on the story that the world could have ended and I wouldn’t have noticed.

For me, ‘His Perfect Wife’ is brilliantly written.   The author has a writing style that entices you in and it doesn’t take long at all to become totally immersed in the story. The chapters ended in such a way that compelled me (in a nice way) to read on and on.  The author has created such realistic characters that they seemed to spring to life and jump off the page as it were.  The author writes so convincingly that I felt as though I was part of the story myself and an invisible spectator to the events as she describes them.  Natasha has created storylines that are all too plausible and believable.  There were also more twists and turns to this story than you would find on a ‘Snakes & Ladders’ board.  I wasn’t sure who or what to believe.  As I mentioned before, this book kept me guessing and on the edge of my seat throughout.

For me, ‘His Perfect Wife’ is one hell of a read that will remain fresh in my mind for a long time to come.  I will definitely be reading further books written by Natasha Bell and I would certainly recommend her to other readers.  I can’t wait to read what she comes up with next.  The score on the Ginger Book Geek board is a very well deserved 5* out of 5*.

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