‘After Jessica’ by Morgen Bailey

After Jessica: A mystery novella by [Bailey, Morgen]


Jessica is an ordinary girl who comes across extraordinary circumstances and pays for them with her life. As well as identifying her body, her brother Simon then has to wind up her affairs but gets more than he bargains for. Who is Alexis, and why are Veronica and Daniel searching for her? Why is there a roll of cash in Jessica’s house, and what’s the connection between his sister and Alexis?


My Review

I have a confession to make- yes yet another one.  I haven’t actually come across Morgen Bailey before.  After having read ‘After Jessica’, I am left wondering ‘how the hell have I not read one of Morgen’s books before now?’  I thoroughly enjoyed reading ‘After Jessica’ but more about that in a bit.

The main character(s) in this book are called Jessica and Alexis.  Jessica is a hard working, family person, fun loving, compassionate, in fact she is an all round good egg, who wouldn’t misbehave or do anything remotely naughty.  Alexis seems to be the opposite to Jessica.  Alexis is an escort, who has quit the escort world after having stolen a sum of money from her last ever client.  Alexis sees herself going on to do bigger and better things and she wants to leave her old escorting world and life behind her.  Are the two characters connected and if so, how?  Well for the answer to that question and more you are just going to have to read the book for yourselves to find out.

This book is slightly shorter than the usual books I read and it is classed as a novella.  I was a bit concerned as to whether or not the author would be able to adequately finish the story in such a short number of pages.  I needn’t have worried because the author has absolutely nailed it.

It didn’t take me long to get into ‘After Jessica’ at all.  The story starts literally with a bang but I won’t go into specifics because I don’t want to give too much away.  For me, the story hit the ground running and maintained the pace throughout.  I soon became hooked on reading ‘After Jessica’ and I found it nigh on impossible to be parted from the book.  The pages seemed to be turning at speed and I seemed to finish reading the story in record time.  I was so focused on the story and the characters that I lost track of time.  I usually have the attention span of a gnat and I am easily distracted but definitely not in this case.  I felt compelled (in a good way) to keep reading and to discover what further secrets and lies awaited me over every page.  It seemed that there was a bombshell in every chapter.

For me, ‘After Jessica’ is very well written.  The author has a writing style that is easy to get used to and which draws you in from the very first word on the very first page.  She entices you into her web and she doesn’t let you go until you have finished reading the book.  It’s as if the author via the book casts a spell over you.  That’s how I felt at any rate.

In short, I thoroughly enjoyed reading ‘After Jessica’ and I would definitely recommend it to other readers.  I can’t wait to read what Morgen comes up with next.  Here’s hoping that we don’t have too long to wait but whilst I wait I will definitely be reading Morgen’s other books.  The score on the Ginger Book Geek board is 5* out of 5*.

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