‘The Lemon Tree Hotel’ by Rosanna Ley

The Lemon Tree Hotel: An enchanting story about family, love and secrets that is perfect for Spring! by [Ley, Rosanna]


In the beautiful village of Vernazza, the Mazzone family have transformed an old convent overlooking the glamorous Italian Riviera into the elegant Lemon Tree Hotel. For Chiara, her daughter Elene and her granddaughter Isabella, the running of their hotel is the driving force in their lives.

One day, two unexpected guests check in. The first, Dante, is a face from Chiara’s past, but what exactly happened between them all those years ago, Elene wonders. Meanwhile, Isabella is preoccupied with the second guest, a mysterious young man who seems to know a lot about the history of the old convent and the people who live there. Isabella is determined to find out his true intentions and discover the secret past of the Lemon Tree Hotel.


My Review

I have a bit of a confession to make.  I have a couple of Rosanna’s books but I haven’t actually read them yet.  What a mistake to make.  Judging by how much I enjoyed reading ‘The Lemon Tree Hotel’ I will most definitely be reading her other books as soon as I can.  I absolutely loved ‘The Lemon Tree Hotel’.

I was mesmerised by this book from the  moment I picked it up until the moment I closed the back cover.  I picked up the book when we were experiencing the normal British summer weather – that’s rain by the way.  ‘The Lemon Tree Hotel’ offered me the chance to escape the weather and travel to sunnier climates.  I don’t normally like the hot weather but in this case I will make an exception.  I made the fatal mistake of beginning to read this book just before I went to bed.  As soon as I started to read that was it, I just couldn’t put the book down and sleep was delayed for a couple of hours.  I just needed to know what had happened in the past between the Grandmother and a man called Dante and I had to discover the true nature of what had happened in the convent in days gone by.  You could say that I am a bit, well okay a big, of a nosy parker.  I love finding out about people and their histories.

‘The Lemon Tree Hotel’ is very well written.  Rosanna has a way of writing that makes you believe that you are part of the story yourself.  She uses such powerful and vivid descriptions that if I closed my eyes, I could have easily imagined that I was in Italy myself with the sun beating down on my face.  She has created such well rounded characters that they seemed to leap off the page and spring to life as it were.  I even began to interact with the book in the sense that I was ‘talking’ to the characters as if they were real.  Yes before anybody says it, I know that this is a work of fiction but I find that if I enjoy a book to the extent that I loved ‘The Lemon Tree Hotel’, I tend to ‘live’ the story as if it were real.

I also loved the delicious descriptions of the food that was cooked in the hotel kitchens, even if it did make me continually hungry, which isn’t good if you are a member of WW (that’s Weight Watchers).

In short, I thoroughly enjoyed reading ‘The Lemon Tree Hotel’ and I would definitely recommend it to other readers.  The lovely descriptions of Italy have made me want to visit the country myself as I have never been there before.  ‘The Lemon Tree Hotel’ would be perfect summer reading, as it’s well written romantic fiction.  The score on the Ginger Book Geek board is a very well deserved 4* out of 5*.

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