‘The Road To Cromer Pier’ by Martin Gore

The Road to Cromer Pier by [Gore, Martin]


Janet’s first love arrives out of the blue after thirty years. Those were simpler times for them both. Sunny childhood beach holidays, fish and chips and big copper pennies clunking into one armed bandits.

The Wells family has run the Cromer Pier Summertime Special Show for generations. But it’s now 2009 and the recession is biting hard. Owner Janet Wells and daughter Karen are facing an uncertain future. The show must go on, and Janet gambles on a fading talent show star. But both the star and the other cast members have their demons. This is a story of love, loyalty and luvvies. The road to Cromer Pier might be the end of their careers, or it might just be a new beginning.


My Review

If there’s one thing that this Ginger Book Geek likes it’s discovering new authors and Martin Gore is certainly a new author to me.   Having read ‘The Road To Cromer Pier’ and having enjoyed it as much as I did, I can guarantee that I will be reading more of Martin’s books in the future.  I loved reading ‘The Road To Cromer Pier’ but more about that in a bit.

I loved the cast of characters in this book.  In one way, shape or form each characters have their had their troubles and they are looking for an upturn in their fortunes.  Without an upturn in their fortunes, the future is looking bleaker than bleak.  We have the showbiz agent who has a faded reality star on their books and he willing to take a lower fee because they want to put the faded star out there.  We have the theatre/ cinema people who are almost at the point of staring failure in the face and the theatre could face closure.  So you can see what I mean about the different characters needing an upturn in their fortunes.

To say that this book is addictive reading seems like an understatement.   It took me less than half a page to realise that this was going to be a book that I would enjoy and consequently I found it extremely difficult to put down.  I didn’t read it over the course of one day but I binge read it over a couple of days.  I totally immersed myself in the story and I didn’t notice how quickly the time was passing.   I would pick the book up only intending to read a couple of chapters at a time but I would still be sat there reading half a dozen chapters later.

‘The Road To Cromer Pier’ is really well written.   The author uses such powerful and vivid descriptions that had I closed my eyes I could easily have imagined that I was actually at the coast with the sea breeze and the noisy seagulls.  I have many fond memories of spending time at the seaside and this book made me feel as though I was reliving those memories.  This book certainly made me feel very nostalgic.  The author certainly has one of those writing styles that draws you in and keeps your attention all the way through the story.  

In short, I really did enjoy reading ‘The Road To Cromer Pier’ and I would definitely recommend it to other readers.  I can’t wait to read Martin’s future books.  Here’s hoping that we don’t have too long to wait.  Whilst I wait I will definitely be reading Martin’s first book called ‘Pen Pals’.  The score on the Ginger Book Geek board is a very well deserved 4* out of 5*.