‘The Wedding Planner’ by Eve Devon


Wedding bells are ringing and gossip is spiralling in Whispers Wood…

Single mum Gloria Pavey has a bad habit of saying exactly the wrong thing at the wrong time. Determined to make a positive change she can’t say no when her best friend, Emma, asks her to take on the role of her wedding planner. The only problem? Gloria’s co-planner – best man Seth Knightley.

Gloria is on a self-imposed man ban but pulling together the most beautiful wedding Whispers Wood has ever seen alongside gorgeous Seth is pushing her to her limits. As every interaction increases the tension between them Gloria finds herself wondering…could the happy ever after she never thought she’d have be in her future after all?


My Review

I have been a fan of Eve’s for a little while now.  I absolutely loved reading the first and second  books in the Whispers Wood series called ‘The Little Clock House On The Green’ and ‘Christmas At The Little Clock House On The Green’ respectively.  I couldn’t wait to get hold of a copy of the third book of the series.  Well ladies and gents the wait is over because the third book in the series called ‘The Wedding Planner’ was released on 3rd May 2019 in e-book and 11th July 2019 in paperback.  It really is a fantastic addition to a fantastic series.   I thoroughly enjoyed but more about that in a bit.

Gloria Pavey is an interesting character, who has a tendency to rub people up the wrong way.  I couldn’t help but take to her from the start.  She was married with a child.  She thought that the marriage was a happy one but for one reason and another it fails.  Her ex-husband comes out as gay and he establishes a new relationship with his boyfriend.  Gloria grieves for the end of her marriage and I did wonder if she felt a bit guilty that it failed.  Gloria does become a bit bitter and twisted.  She has a habit of saying exactly what she is thinking. She definitely has no filter.   As a very wise man (Mr. Ginger Book Geek – my Dad) once said, she opens her mouth before she puts her brain in gear.  Eventually she does decide that for her own sanity she needs to tackle her negative outlook on life and she sees a therapist.  The sessions work although I think Gloria becomes a bit too dependent on the therapist but then I could understand why.  The therapist was Gloria’s safety net and that if that safety net was taken away, Gloria feared that she would fail.  She is almost afraid to strike out on her own.  Gloria does start to develop a more positive outlook on life and she tries to become a better person and a better friend.  Gloria puts herself in a self imposed man ban but that man ban is soon tested when the gorgeous sounding Seth comes into her life.  Will Gloria get the happy ever after ending that she had thought was impossible?  Well for the answers to that question and more you are just going to have to read the book for yourselves to find out as I am not going to tell you.  I think that I took to Gloria so much because she reminded me of me.  I too have a habit of saying what I think which doesn’t always go down too well.  I too saw a therapist who helped to change my negative way of thinking and who encouraged me to think more positively.

Oh. My. Word.  ‘The Wedding Planner’ is one hell of a read that I became addicted to from the moment I began to read the first page.  Reading this book felt like reuniting with old friends in a sense.  It did take me a little while to refresh my memory as to who was who.  That has more to do with the fact that my memory is shocking and it is not meant as a criticism of the author.  From the moment I picked the book up to the moment I finished reading, I was completely enchanted by this story.  It was as if the book had cast a spell over me.  I couldn’t bear to be parted from the book, which travelled everywhere with me.  It was as if I feared breaking that spell if I put the book down even for a nanosecond.  I simply had to keep reading to find out what happened to Gloria and if she did get her own happy ever after ending.  I binge read the book over the course of a day but whilst I was reading, I didn’t realise just how quickly the time was passing and how quickly the pages were turning.  All too soon, I reached the end of the book, which I was so disappointed about.  I wasn’t disappointed with the ending but I was enjoying the author’s writing style, the characters and the storylines so much that I just didn’t want the book to end.

‘The Wedding Planner’ is brilliantly written but then I wouldn’t expect anything else from the exceedingly talented Eve Devon.  She has one of those writing styles that is easy to take to and easy to get used to.  In fact reading this book felt more like I was chatting with friends.  I hope that makes sense.  Eve draws you into the story and once she has you in her grip she won’t let you go- not that I would want to be released.  I took to the characters so well that they began to feel like friends and I found that I cared for them and I cared about what happened to them.  I felt compelled to keep reading in order to find out what happened to those characters I cared about.

I absolutely loved reading ‘The Wedding Planner’ and I would most definitely recommend this book and this author to other readers.  I can’t wait to read more from Eve Devon.  I have a little wait because the fourth book in the series is called ‘Confetti At The Little House On The Green’ isn’t due for release on 5th June 2020 in e-book format and on 20th August 2020 in paperback.  I am sure that it will be well worth the wait.  The score on the Ginger Book Geek board is a very well deserved 5* out of 5*.

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