‘He Will Find You’ by Charlie Gallagher

HE WILL FIND YOU an absolutely gripping crime thriller with a massive twist by [GALLAGHER, CHARLIE]


Early Sunday morning, a rainy city centre. A ten-year-old-boy steps out in front of traffic. He is dazed, confused and barefoot. He is covered in blood. It’s not his.

Detective Maddie Ives is called out and finds the boy backed up against a shop front. He can’t or won’t speak. His face is a mask of shock and his whole body is tense. He’s ready to run again. He can’t tell her why.


Then a man is found brutally murdered, dragged to death. And Maddie and Detective Harry Blaker are determined to find out who is pulling the strings.



My Review

I have been a fan of Charlie’s books for a little while now.  He has written eleven different books and I have read and loved each and every one.  His latest book is called ‘He Will Find You’ and features Detective Sergeant Maddie Ives.  The book was released on 19th July 2019.  Charlie has done it again and written one hell of a book.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading ‘He Will Find You’ but more about that in a bit.

I love the way in which Charlie writes about his characters.  He has created them so well and described them so vividly that they seem to leap off the page and spring to life as it were.  Through Charlie’s descriptions of his characters, I have imagined what the different characters look and act like.  I love the feisty female lead detective DS Maddie Ives and the way in which she is constantly trying to outwit those she is trying to catch.  She is eager to please and just as keen to capture criminals.  I took to her from the start and reading this book felt like I was reuniting with an old friend.  I loved the way in which Maddie has formed a close friendship with Charley Mace, who works in the forensics department.  This book sees Maddie getting on better with her immediate superior Detective Inspector Harry Blaker, although their relationship is still rather frosty.  Maddie is starting to understand why Harry is the way he is and how his experiences have affected him.  I guess that they won’t be best mates any time soon but I was keeping everything crossed that their working relationship would continue to get improve.  The case in this book is certainly going to test Maddie and her colleagues.  Do they unravel what has happened and why the boy is covered in blood?  Do they apprehend the perpetrators?  Well for the answers to those questions and more you are just going to have to read the book for yourself to find out because I am not going to tell you.

Oh my word, ‘He Will Find You’ is one hell of an addictive and fast paced read that had me gripped throughout and on the edge of my seat for the majority of the story.  As soon as I picked the book up, it seemed to develop a hold over me that I didn’t want to break.  I couldn’t bear to put the book down even for a nanosecond for fear of missing out on some vital clue or on some crucial nugget of gossip.  I just had to keep reading to see how the investigation panned out and to see what fate had in store for Maddie.  The pages turned increasingly quickly as my desperation to find out what happened increased.  I seemed to charge through the latter half of the book.  I lost all track of time whilst reading this book.  In fact the world could have ended outside and I wouldn’t have noticed because my sole focus was on the book and on the book alone.

‘He Will Find You’ is superbly written but then I wouldn’t expect anything else from Charlie Gallagher.  The fact that Charlie is himself a serving police officer only helps to make the story seem that bit more authentic.  The story starts with an incident so shocking that it will remain fresh in my mind for a long time to come.  He draws you in from the first word on the first page and he keeps your attention throughout the book by keeping the story fresh and interesting.  In a way, I felt compelled (in the nicest possible way) to keep reading.

Reading ‘He Will Find You’ felt very much like riding on a very scary and unpredictable rollercoaster ride with several twists and turns along the way.  Just when you think that the action has settled down and you can finally catch your breath, then whoosh off the story goes again.

In short, Charlie has done it again and he has written one hell of a book, which is sure to soar to the top of the bestsellers chart and that is nothing less than he deserves.  I can’t wait to read what Charlie comes up with next.  Here’s hoping that we don’t have too long to wait.  I would definitely recommend Charlie and his books to other readers.  The score on the Ginger Book Geek board is a very well deserved 5* out of 5*.

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