‘The Scandal’ by Nicola Marsh

The Scandal: A gripping emotional page turner with a breathtaking twist by [Marsh, Nicola]


Ever since her twin girls left home, Marisa has felt there’s something missing from her life. Her sprawling mansion is no longer filled with laughter and chaos, and she’s desperate to feel needed… and to be distracted from the secret she’s been hiding from her husband for all these years.

Coffee with her best friends might be the only thing holding Marisa together. But Claire and Elly have their own secrets. Like why Claire hasn’t been to work in weeks, or why Elly won’t tell anyone who’s buying her flowers.

When Jodi, a pregnant young girl, turns up at Marisa’s doorstep, Marisa is quick to come to her aid. She sees herself in Jodi and she knows how devoting yourself to looking after others can take up all your time in the most marvellous way.

But Jodi’s arrival quickly pushes everyone’s lies to the surface. The father of her unborn child is someone the women know very well, and Marisa starts to wonder if her obsession with helping Jodi might come at a devastating price…


My Review

If there’s one thing this Ginger Book Geek likes, it’s discovering new authors.  Nicola Marsh is certainly a new author to me.  I read the synopsis for ‘The Scandal’ and it certainly sounded like a read and a half.  I began to read and then I couldn’t stop reading.  Having read the book, I can say that it is one hell of a read.

I can honestly say that I didn’t take to a single one of the three main ladies.  The main ladies being Marisa, Clare and Elly.  In their own sweet way, each of them got on my nerves for different reasons.  Each of the ladies are hiding secrets and each one of them seems to have hidden their own particular secret from the other ladies.  I couldn’t believe that the three of them were friends because each of them were pretty scathing about each other in private.  It was almost as if they were frenemies.  A young girl called Jodi turns up.  She had an affair with a married man and is now pregnant.  She has only just found out that she is 5 months pregnant and she tries to track down her married lover.  It’s when she turns up at the man’s house that things start to get interesting.  Marisa is determined to help Jodi.  As is often the case, the secrets start to reveal themselves with devastating consequences.

‘The Scandal’ really is a fabulous read.  I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started to read the book.  I didn’t know whether or not it would be a thriller, a mystery or some crime novel.  ‘The Scandal’ was a bit of all three.  I soon immersed myself in the story and I found it extremely difficult to put the book down.  It was as if I feared missing out on some vital piece of evidence or a nugget of gossip if I put the book to one side for just a nanosecond.  The more of the book I read, the more of the book I wanted to read and the quicker those pages were turning.  I seemed to race through the latter part of the book as my desperation to find out how the story concluded, steadily increased.

‘The Scandal’ is well written.  The author has one of those writing styles that is easy to get used to and easy to get along with.  She grabs your attention from the start and keeps that interest all the way through the book.  The chapters aren’t that long and I found that as I got to the end of the chapter, I was left wanting more, which is why I felt compelled to keep reading.  In that sense I was like an addict in desperate need of my next fix.  The chapters are written from the point of view of the different characters.  Each chapter is voiced by one character.  To some, this way of telling the story might not be their cup of tea or it might prove confusing.  In fact, and in my opinion, this particular way of telling the story works really well and the story flows seamlessly as a result.

In short, I thoroughly enjoyed reading ‘The Scandal’ and I would recommend it to other readers.  I can’t wait to read more from Nicola Marsh.  The score on the Ginger Book Geek board is a very well deserved 5* out  of 5*.

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