‘Autumn Leaves At Mill Grange’ by Jenny Kane

Autumn Leaves at Mill Grange: a feelgood, cosy autumn romance by [Jenny Kane]


After working all summer long with a team of volunteers to restore Mill Grange, Sam surprised everyone – including new girlfriend Tina – by revealing himself as its new owner. After his own experiences in the forces, all he wants to make Mill Grange a retreat for injured army personnel. But Tina is worried his crippling PTSD will get in the way of his dreams.

Just before Mill Grange was sold, celebrity archaeologist Shaun discovered evidence of a Roman fortlet on the grounds. Thea, originally hired as chief restorer at Mill Grange, stays on to lead the excavation. But with Shaun filming his Landscape Treasures show elsewhere, Thea can’t help but miss his company. Especially as someone else is vying for his attention…

My Review

When I was invited to take part in the blog tour for ‘Autumn Leaves At Mill Grange’, I had forgotten that it was the second book in the Mill Grange series.  I hadn’t read the first book in the series but not to worry because ‘Autumn Leaves At Mill Grange’ works perfectly well as a standalone.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading ‘Autumn Leaves At Mill Grange’  but more about that in a bit.

It didn’t take me long at all to get into this book.  In fact by the time I got to the bottom of the first few pages, I knew that I wasn’t going to find it easy to put this book to one side for any length of time.  I must be psychic because that is exactly what happened.  My Kindle wasn’t exactly glued to my hand but it might as well have been because it travelled everywhere with me.  I found that I was particularly drawn to the character of Sam, as we have something in common.  Like Sam, I suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, but mine stems from a very different experience to that of Sam.  I won’t bore you with the details but needless to say that it impacts on my life every day.  I was interested to see how Sam would deal with his condition and whether or not he managed to overcome it.  The pages turned over increasingly quickly as my need to know what happened grew and grew.  All too quickly I reached the end of the book and I had to bid farewell to Sam and the others.

‘Autumn Leaves At Mill Grange’ is extremely well written and I can’t believe that I have left it this long to discover how fantastic an author Jenny Kane is.  She grabs your attention and draws you into the story.  You then end up becoming that wrapped up in each character and their story that you couldn’t stop reading even if you wanted to.  Jenny has one of those writing styles that is easy to get used to and easy to get along with.   In fact reading one of Jenny’s books seems more like a chat between friends than reading an actual book.  I felt as though I was part of this story which is all down to Jenny’s characters and her fantastic, realistic and very vivid storytelling.

In short, I really enjoyed reading ‘Autumn Leaves At Mill Grange’ and I would have no hesitation in recommending this book to other readers.  I will definitely be reading more of Jenny’s work in the future.  The score on the Ginger Book Geek board is a very well deserved 5* out of 5*.

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