‘Staying Out For The Summer’ by Mandy Baggot

Staying Out for the Summer: a laugh-out-loud romantic comedy which is the perfect beach read by [Mandy Baggot]


This is one summer that won’t end in tiers!

For NHS nurse, Lucie Burrows, it’s time to put the past behind her and embrace Greek life.

Finally free from the UK restrictions, Lucie is excited for the summer of 2021. When her best friend, Gavin, finds the perfect Greek island getaway, Lucie is sure that this holiday to Corfu is going to be one to remember.

But when a landslide puts the village into a local lockdown, Lucie is thrown together with Michalis Andino, the super sexy village doctor. It’s not quite the escape she had planned, but things could certainly be worse.

As Lucie relaxes into the Greek way of life, she begins to wonder whether this lockdown might just end in a new beginning – and a new love...

My Review

I have been a fan of Mandy’s work for a while now.  I love her feel good and light hearted stories with lead characters who are impossible to dislike.  I read the synopsis for ‘Staying Out For The Summer’ and it certainly sounded like fun.  So without further ado I grabbed my Kindle and settled down for a fun afternoon of reading.  I absolutely loved reading ‘Staying Out For The Summer’ but more about that in a bit.

As soon as I started reading, I instinctively knew that I was in for a treat and then some.  ‘Staying Out For The Summer’ came along at the right sort of time for me.  I was feeling a little low and in need of a tonic and this book was certainly a tonic.  I started chuckling away to myself from pretty early on and I kept chuckling away to myself throughout the story.  To say that reading ‘Staying Out For The Summer’ became addictive is a huge understatement.  I found I couldn’t put this book down for any length of time.  It was almost as if I feared missing out on something or I risked breaking the hold that the book had developed over me.  I raced my way through the story and all too quickly I reached the end.  I found ‘Staying Out For The Summer’ to be a gripping read, which certainly did more to cheer me up than any medication could have done.

‘Staying Out For The Summer’ is superbly written but then I expect nothing less from Mandy.  She certainly knows how to grab your attention and drawn you into what proves to be a beautifully told story.  I was swept away by the characters and by the storylines.  The book is certainly topical given that it involves the COVID19 pandemic but Mandy uses it to show just how hard pressed the National Health Service has been and the pressure that the staff have been under.  I love the way in which Mandy describes Corfu so realistically that if I closed my eyes it would be easy to imaging that I was in Corfu with the sun beating down on my face.  I felt as though I was part of the story and that’s thanks to Mandy’s very vivid and realistic storytelling.

In short, I thoroughly enjoyed reading ‘Staying Out For The Summer’ and I would definitely recommend it to other readers.  I will certainly be reading more of Mandy’s work in the future.  The score on the Ginger Book Geek board is a very well deserved 5* out of 5*.

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