‘The Party’ by Nora Valters


This will be a party to remember. For all the wrong reasons.

Ruth loves her life in London – she has a high-powered career and a handsome and successful fiancé. This Christmas she’s bringing him back to her home town to meet her family and school friends, one of whom, Holly Murphy, has a new baby.

But, as the Christmas Eve party is in full swing, the unthinkable happens – Ruth drops the baby, injuring the little boy.

Or did she?

Ruth becomes convinced she didn’t cause the baby’s injuries, that they were inflicted before the party, that the Murphys are not the lovely family they appear to be.

Determined to discover what really happened to the child, Ruth digs for the truth. And won’t stop even when she’s shunned by her old friends, alienated from her fiancé, and sacked from her dream job.

But are her suspicions justified? Or is she in the grip of a deadly obsession that threatens to utterly destroy her perfect life?

My Review

I have read and enjoyed a couple of Nora’s books now. When I was invited to take part in the blog tour for ‘The Party’, I just had to accept. I couldn’t wait to start reading and so without further ado, I grabbed a cup of tea, grabbed my Kindle and settled down for an interesting afternoon of reading. I really enjoyed reading ‘The Party’ but more about that in a bit.

It didn’t take me long at all to get into ‘The Party’. In fact by the time I got to the end of the first page, I knew that I was reading something special and that I would find it rather difficult to put the book down for very long. The characters and storyline intrigued me. I developed my own theories as to what was going to happen and of course I had to keep reading to see if I was on the right track or if I had wandered off in the opposite direction. I can’t say that I was particularly keen on any of the characters. It could just be the fact that I have read a lot of crime fiction and I believe nobody and suspect everybody. I kept chopping and changing my mind as to what I believed had happened so in that respect the story certainly kept me guessing. The more of the book that I Read, the more I wanted to read and the quicker the pages seemed to turn. All too quickly I reached the end of ‘The Party’. I found ‘The Party’ to be a gripping, tense and dramatic read, which kept me on the edge of my seat.

‘The Party’ is extremely well written but then I have come to expect nothing less from Nora Valters. Nora has an easy going writing style that is easy to get along with and easy to get used to. Nora certainly knows how to grab the reader’s attention and draw them into what proves to be one hell of a read and then some. For me, the story hit the ground running and it ended up being a bit of a slow burn type of story. As the story continues, the pace gathers momentum and leads to a tense and dramatic conclusion. Reading ‘The Party’ felt like being on an at times scary and unpredictable rollercoaster ride with several twists and turns along the way. Nora has a way of making the reader feel as though they are part of the story and at the heart of the action.

In short, I thoroughly enjoyed reading ‘The Party’ and I would definitely recommend this book to other readers. I will certainly be reading more of Nora’s work in the future. The score on the Ginger Book Geek board is a very well deserved 5* out of 5*.

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